Is your office ready for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Is your office ready for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
March 11, 2020 No Comments » Technology News valleynetworks

As schools, universities and other large organizations brace for the impact of the Coronavirus, the common sense approach has been to allow employees to work from home, thereby hindering the spread of the virus.

These organizations typically have an in-house IT team capable of supporting the needs of their users, both at work and at home.

What about the small and medium-sized business owners? Could you effectively allow your team members to work from home? Do you have an IT support company on retainer to provide this infrastructure?

If the answer is no, read on for three actionable items to get your team ready to work remotely at no expense.

Provide Remote Access to your Office.

Log Me In ( is a web and client-based application that allows you to connect to a remote workstation via the internet, just like being in the office.

It’s free for 14 days and then $29.00 per month or $349.00 per year per workstation.

Valley Networks includes remote access to your computer as part of our managed service package for only $75.00 per workstation.

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Stay Connected.

Connect with other team members in real-time. To accomplish this, consider using free team collaboration software like Slack (

Slack allows team members to interact using groups, messaging, document sharing and real-time phone calls through the system. This keeps all communication in one place, rather than relying on cell phone conversations and email, which can be difficult to track and keep coordinated.

Also consider using Zoom ( for video conference calls. This free software allows you to video conference your colleagues one-to-one or in group settings (does require a fee). Oftentimes a “face-to-face” meeting is the only way to tackle an issue.

Back-Up your Data and Share.

Before leaving the office, back-up your data into a cloud environment like Google Drive, and share this data with the appropriate team members.

Valley Networks includes backups and remote access to your backups as part of our managed service package for only $75.00 per workstation.

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While an IT team dedicated to your success is the easiest and most cost-effective way to provide remote support to your employees, the items mentioned above will allow you to work from home while you consider bringing in an expert.

What are you Waiting For? The next natural disaster?

Check our Managed IT Package for only $75 per workstation and then call us 610-697-1181.

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