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Valley Networks. Fast, Local, Experts.

The Information Technology professionals at Valley Networks bring decades of expertise to our clients for the purposes of managing and maintaining their digital infrastructure and supporting their day-to-day operations.

Valley Networks leverages the latest technologies to ensure that your network and informational systems function smoothly in a secure environment. We spend our off-hours learning about the latest technologies, applications and security suites so you don’t have to.

Like every other competitor in this business, we do all of the nuts and bolts stuff that keep things humming and client employees working and productive.

But we surpass them in two ways: Service and Security.

Although the technology is important, we never lose sight of the fact that at the end of the day, this business is about people — and more to the point, keeping them happy.

So we go out of our way to deliver on it: our phones are answered live; we respond to support requests in minutes; you will have a dedicated support engineer who knows your operation and your staff, and we will regularly stop-by to check in and see if there’s anything we can do.

Our network security is superior in a few ways. Two highlights: We utilize a security suite called EventTracker which monitors the server logs in real-time and alerts us the moment any suspicious activity is detected. Not the next day or in a report at the end of the month – the moment it happens. On top of that, we use the very latest in malware protection with SentinelOne; it’s the next-level concept in the technology.

We also have a “white-hat” hacker on staff that will analyze your security, improve it and then regularly penetration test it, looking for potential flaws.

Moreover, there’s the comprehensive nature of our support agreements. My goal is to have our clients view us as an extension of themselves, as if we’re simply another employee of their organization.

So I treat our clients the way I’d want to be treated; I try to view everything through their eyes. You will not find us trying to hit you with extra invoices and charges and fees, because that’s not what I’d want done to me. In fact, that would make me a little… agitated. I get it.

As a client with a Support Agreement with us, you receive unlimited on-site and remote support, you’re entitled to purchase all hardware at cost, with delivery, setup and data migration included. And that includes the big projects, like server upgrades and migrations. Need help with your VOIP network, security cameras or door-access system? Included.

My proposition is value, and Valley Networks delivers on it.

John Mattaboni
Owner & Director of Client Satisfaction


John Mattaboni Owner and Director of Client Satisfaction
John Mattaboni Owner and Director of Client Satisfaction

John knows what it is to be responsible for mission-critical systems. And he imbues that same sense of accountability to every employee and project.

Dominic Kalveos Director of Information Security
Dominic Kalveos Director of Information Security

Dominic has over 20 years of experience in information security, including stints at JP Morgan and the NFL.  Both creative and and inventive, your security is his top priority.

Thane Young, Valley Networks Thane Young Network Engineer
Thane Young Network Engineer

Thane is an experienced network engineer, software trainer, and sales engineer with over 20 years of experience.

Eric Spayd Network Engineer
Eric Spayd Network Engineer

Eric has worked in both the private and public sectors and understands the nuances between the two. As our lead, all of our customers and everyone know Eric on a first-name basis.

What our Customers are Saying ...

Larry Mulligan, Historic Hotel Bethlehem / Controller

“With Valley Networks, we have a single point of contact for all of our technology support. They took the time to understand our specific business model and provide great responsiveness to our day-to-day needs. Their support experts understand the challenges of our ever-changing software and hardware environment. I know we’re in good hands with Valley Networks.”

David A. Mettin, Slate Belt Regional Police Dept. / Chief of Police

“The biggest benefit for our agency in partnering with Valley Networks is the personalized service and having a single point of contact. They know our system and have the resources dedicated to keep it running optimally. Valley Networks brings to us technical expertise at a cost-effective price. I always know that prompt support is just a phone call away.”

Tom Petrucci, Plainfield Township / Township Manager

“Our organization has benefited from having an IT support team that provides cost-effective solutions and reliable advice. Valley Networks understands that many organizations do not have large IT budgets, and they provide solutions that work within the scope of that price-point. They offer scalable solutions that are ideal for meeting an organization’s specific IT needs.”

Patricia Gerhard, Family Fertility Center / Business Manager

“The best part about having our IT systems managed by Valley Networks is that they’re local and readily accessible. If we need someone onsite for assistance, I know that they will be here quickly. The technicians are well-trained and get the job done. And strong security for our data is critical to meet HIPAA compliance. With Valley Network managing our PHI and healthcare data, we feel totally secure. And on a personal level, these guys are respectful and helpful; there is no “dumb” question.”

Bruce Sarte, Cedar Crest College / Director of Information Technology

“Valley Networks is a company that stands behind its work, and understands the value of a good relationship with its customers. I know that when I call them, the job will be done right. That’s valuable to me. We find that being able to call Valley Networks for assistance when our IT department lacks the resources or expertise is a valuable asset to have available to us. They excel at bringing a high quality of work to any project.”

Tony Piergiovanni, New Covenant Christian Community Church / Executive Pastor

“The team at Valley Networks provides great local, personal service. They are responsive and onsite quickly if needed. They took the time to understand our needs and delivered a cost-effective and practical solution.”

Loretta Tubiello-Harr, Tubiello-Harr & Associates / Owner

“We use a suite of accounting applications that has many components that interact in a complicated manner, numerous time-sensitive updates, and requires a lot of attention. Partnering with Valley Networks has allowed us to focus on our work while they handle the software and hardware needs. We’re impressed with their expertise over a wide variety of technical matters. I am completely confident in their management of our IT systems. And when we need help, their response times are frankly better than other vendors we’ve worked with.”

Allen Smith, Novus ACS / Owner

“Let me put it simply: Choose Valley Networks if you never want to have to think about your computer network again. We can finally stop wrestling with IT headaches and focus on our business and our clients. I no longer worry about hackers or security. This is important in a HIPAA compliant environment. I don’t worry about downtime, or updates or expanding our system. They’ve got it all covered. And the fast response times are better than any IT vendor we’ve ever worked with.”

Gina Mattes, Principle Diagnostics / VP of Operations

“Our business was expanding and we eventually reached a point where we wanted to bring on an IT support company that could not only provide us with an affordable Cloud Server but also be there whenever we needed any sort of computer or network assistance. We found it with Valley Networks. They provide us with a perfect solution for our IT support needs. Cloud services, VPNs, firewalls, office wiring, network configuration… they’ve done a little bit of everything for us. Their personalized service is exactly what we were looking for and they have exceeded our expectations. We’re very pleased.”

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