6 Ways Valley Networks Supports your Business

6 Ways Valley Networks Supports your Business
March 6, 2020 Comments Off on 6 Ways Valley Networks Supports your Business Technology News valleynetworks

1. IT Support Tailored for Your Business

All of our products and services are specifically designed to meet the needs of a modern business.  Why get a run-of-the-mill IT support team when you can have one that’s tailored for your specific needs?

2. Local Support That’s Close, Fast and Onsite

Our corporate focus is on delivering technical support and service for businesses here in the Greater Lehigh Valley. We can have a support engineer onsite in 60 minutes or less.  And when you call for remote support, a technician will be working on your issue in less than 60 minutes.

3. You Will See Us Even When You Don’t Call

We make a practice of being onsite at our client locations on a regular basis.  From time to time a support engineer will show up just to see how things are going and if there’s any impromptu support he can provide.

4. NO Annual Contract

We’re so confident you’ll love our service that we won’t try to lock you into an annual contract.  Our support plans are month-to-month.

5. Great Service Starts with Exemplary Communications

We understand that customer service is every bit as important as technical prowess when supporting our clients.  Who wants to be left waiting and wondering if anyone got their call for assistance?  That’s why our corporate culture revolves around communications with clients.  The phones are answered live.  You’ll talk to a technician in short order. We respond to emails and text messages in a timely way.  Messages get returned.  No, it’s not technology.  But it’s important.

6. An Alignment of Business Interests

When you have a support agreement with the number of hours set in stone and additional hours are billable, your interests and your support provider’s interests are in conflict:  As soon as they’re done using up your time, they get to charge for ‘overages’ or additional hours.

But when you have an unlimited onsite and remote support plan with Valley Networks, our interests align.  We don’t profit from your company needing ‘extra’ support.  It’s in your interest to be problem-free… and it’s in our interest for you to be problem-free, too.  Some months will be more work.  Some will be less.  It all balances out.  And nobody has to bean-count the hours.  One less thing for you to monitor and worry about.

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